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The key to success

How do you measure the quality of your service? How can you find ways to improve it?
When you supply a service to a client and only providing this service enables you to know exactly how the service was delivered, MKG Qualiting can provide you with the best tools available, with 2 extensively tested and approved methods: mystery visits and calls which effectively measure the quality standards established for your company.

The advantages:

Sound expertise: 20 years of experiencein conducting mystery visits and calls, attest to MKG Qualiting’s success.

In-depth reporting guaranteed: we provide you with a management tool that will enable you to take action and make decisions. The objective is to ensure that information relayed back to the operating system.

A flexible approach: on line with E-Qualiting, one-on-one or group consultation, current or retrospective. The audit reports produced by MKG Qualiting enable responsive analyses to be made and immediate actions to be taken.

An extensive database of Quality ambassadors® : professionals well-trained in conducting mystery visits, with a variety of profiles to cover all categories of services provided (from basic to luxury products) in a wide range of activities.

In our opinion: an invaluable tool

Mystery visits and calls should be conducted for any enterprise wishing to have the highest quality of service. They should be conducted as a barometer, on a long-term basis and accompanied by a management approach that targets improvement in the quality of the service provided within the company.

Worth knowing:

Mystery visits  can not only be used to improve the quality of a service at the beginning of a quality improvement plan, but also on occasion as a verification tool (sales promotion campaigns, benchmarking…)

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